Incipio Cello Studio: Project Gallery 2021-22

Project Week #1:

Eli, Cal, and Stephanie Goodwin The Titanic Project:

Belinda Hardin and Diane Bryson La Chanson de Marti Gras

Henry Nguyen Original Composition


Roger, Perry, and Stevie Freeman A capella singing, “Go, Tell Aunt Rhody”:

Project Week # 2

Eli, Cal, and Stephanie Goodwin Twinkle Trio

Belinda Hardin and Diane Bryson Ring of Hope

Henry Nguyen Original composition video

Henry performing his composition

Roger Freeman Lightly Row

Roger’s November Project, 3 parts: Part 1: stop motion video, 2: the painting attached Part 3: singing/playing lightly row,

Perry Freeman Theme from “The Great British Baking Show”

Perry’s November project:

Stevie Freeman “It’s My Life” by Bon Jovi
Stevie’s November project:

Project Week # 3

Stevie Freeman Original composition

Perry Freeman Lighthouse’s Tale

Project Week # 4: coming soon!