Cello Resources and Links

http://www.littlecellist.com/  (website for young cellists and their families)

http://cellobello.com/  (online cello community and professional blog with interviews, masterclasses, and videos)

http://thecellogeek.blogspot.com/  (extensive collection of cello-related videos and articles)

http://www.cello.org/  (The Internet Cello Society)

http://www.cellist.nl/  (fantastic website with biographies and general information about cellists throughout the ages)

http://imslp.org/  (International Music Score Library Project [IMSLP]: free, public-domain sheet music downloads.)

http://www.spotify.com/us/  (Spotify: a free digital music service which provides access to millions of tracks. One of the best classical collections readily available.)

http://www.naxosmusiclibrary.com/home.asp?rurl=%2Fdefault.asp (Naxos Music Library: the definitive online classical music streaming site. Unfortunately subscriptions are very expensive, but Naxos is worth the investment if you frequently have the chance to listen.)

http://www.youtube.com/  (Youtube is, of course, the go-to site for videos galore!)

http://www.berliner-philharmoniker.de/en/berliner-philharmoniker/chamber-music-groups/ensemble/ensemble/die-12-cellisten-der-berliner-philharmoniker/ (The Twelve Cellists of the Berlin Philharmonic)

http://www.cellophony.net/  (Cellophony Cello Octet)

http://suzukiassociation.org/  Suzuki Association of the Americas

http://www.corkybird.com/  A fantastic resource for students and their families

http://ericaannsipes.blogspot.com/  Our wonderful studio collaborative pianist and practice guru

http://www.ted.com/talks/elizabeth_gilbert_on_genius.html  Elizabeth Gilbert’s inspired talk about showing up to do our artistic work (i.e. practice!)