CelloFest, 2007-2019

CelloFest was an annual concert celebrating the cello repertoire and a new generation of dedicated cellists.  CelloFest began in 2007 in order to offer more- advanced cello students from Community Cello Works a special forum.  Here, by invitation, they presented particularly exciting pieces in a formal concert setting meant to highlight their playing and to celebrate the glory of the cello repertoire.

Contributing richly to these programs were guest performers, graduates of Community Cello Works, members of the professional community, and friends of the studio.  Soloists were often accompanied by the excellent collaborative pianist Erica Sipes. In addition to solos, the program would include several cello ensemble pieces with the entire studio participating. Conductors from our region kindly joined us in presenting this repertoire.

Each year’s CelloFest had a unifying theme. For example:  PopperFest, 2007; Latin-American CelloFest, 2008; The Eclectic Cello, 2009; The Evocative Cello, 2010; The Cello In Eastern Europe, 2011; The French Cello, 2012; Violoncello Americano, 2014; Schumann and Friends, 2015.