Philosophy and Pedagogy

The Suzuki Method forms the core of my teaching.

It aims “to produce beautiful souls,” people who have learned peace through their success with an instrument and the soul-deepening art of making music.

Suzuki education is based on two premises: first, that of talent education; second, the mother-tongue method.

Talent education assumes the presence of musical talent in each person. The mother-tongue method recognizes that the language of music can be developed to a level of perfect fluency in any human being if that person is surrounded by music and the practice of musical skills in the home on a daily basis, just as one learns speech through the provision of modeling and constant repetition.

Suzuki emphasizes the importance of developing self-esteem in the child; this comes through our helping him or her to learn mastery of skills in a loving environment. Then, too, music itself brings well-being. I hope my students find this in their lives as I have in mine.