Teaching: Incipio Cello (online)

Through Incipio Cello, Lisa teaches cellists ages 3 through adult, beginner through professional. In addition to weekly lessons, Lisa offers a Saturday morning live class on Zoom, open to anyone in the world on a weekly basis. That class, How to Fly Your Cello, offers quick troubleshooting ideas for all things cello, both technical and musical, for any level student of any age.

Lisa works with all styles of music, plus the skills of improvisation in many styles form the curriculum, all wrapped up in the Creative Ability Development approach. https://musicovation.com/2015/02/20/breaking-the-tradition-of-imitation-creativity-in-music-education-and-performance/

Since Lisa teaches online, lessons are accessible for anyone, anywhere. Inquiries can be made through this website, or directly through: communitycelloworks@gmail.com

For twenty years, Lisa maintained a flourishing cello studio in Blacksburg, Virginia, Community Cello Works. Though she has moved on to other learning opportunities for herself, CCW remains a vibrant root from which much music-making has emerged, and many cellists of all ages have found a voice.