Musical Parenting Class

This September through December Lisa is offering a class for parents who have recently begun or are thinking of beginning music lessons (any instrument) for their young children, a class called Musical Parenting.

It is designed to help parents develop a home environment that will provide the immersion experience that is so beneficial to musical.  Musical fluency is acquired much in the same way that language is, so “speaking” music in the home by providing a musical environment (even if your family doesn’t play musical instruments yet) will help your child gain musical skills much more easily than if you just show up at weekly lessons and try to practice dutifully in the meantime!

Musical Parenting meets thirteen times between now and the Christmas holidays, Thursday evenings from 6:30-7:15 in Blacksburg.  It is conversation-based, using the inspirational book Nurtured By Love by Sinichi Suzuki, and a companion workbook for parents by veteran music teacher Jeanne Luedke.  You are invited to attend a class at no charge to see if it’s a good fit for you.

Please be in touch with questions or for more information at:
<> or (540) 392-4544.

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