Lisa has a collection of concerts, workshops, masterclasses, and lecture presentations that she enjoys offering to a wide audience.  These are the outcomes of her particular musical and educational interests, so they have the zest of vital fascinations.

Concerts: solo, solo with piano, chamber music of all genres

Cello Lessons: online, for all ages and stages

Workshops: for music students, teachers, school music departments

Masterclasses: cellists, chamber groups, or musicians of any stripe

Lecture presentations: geared toward any audience, any age level, including audience participation

In addition, Lisa plays music for weddings, parties, church services, memorial services – for any gathering where music for special occasions will enhance the meaningfulness of the experience :

• This can be classical, Celtic, folk music of all styles, and popular music including rock. The instrumentation can be solo or duo cello; cello with guitar and also voice (if desired); string duo with violin; or string trio or quartet. Lisa’s students are also available to play music for occasions of all kinds, from cello duos to large cello ensemble. Highlighting and encouraging children and pre-professionals in the arts can become part of planning music to help celebrate a special event.