As the fall colors have come and start to go, the seasonal nature of our work with the instrument comes to mind. Sometimes, like the long green from early spring through early autumn, we experience a stability or plateau in our playing or the playing of a child for whom we are a practice partner; and then, change.

The change can be akin to the sudden brilliance of the fall leaves, or it can appear more like the falling of the spent leaves, leaving an empty space that appears lacking what it had. But our maintenance of the daily practice brings us a cycle that we come to recognize and respect; the visible growth, the excitement of the newness of the next stage, the fullness of its vigor, and the display of its height of glory will all appear again if we stay with the process.

And so will the next stage of shedding, of growing out of what seemed glorious for awhile, preparing to enter the next stage through letting go and being ready to grow again.

Our families, social circles, and most of all our learning communities and mentors are there to help us through each of these stages. Let us call upon each other when we need help, and let us reach out to affirm each other at each stage.

– Lisa