Online Technique and Warm-ups Class

How To Fly Your Cello is an online class designed to offer the student daily technique and warm-up time with a coach – doing the athletic part of our musical training with guidance, the way it’s done in sports. This new model of a fifteen-minute daily workout with a progressive and review sequence of activities will build the technical ability of students at any level, adding and integrating new information while keeping acquired skills fresh.  The fifteen-minute class is designed to be of interest and use to cellists of all levels; there are activities for the beginner young or older, and for the accomplished player who wishes to revisit and refresh foundational techniques.

How To Fly Your Cello is available to any cellist anywhere. You can sign in with a password to a section of this website and access new and archived classes at any time. You are welcome to try a class at no cost here:

You can sign up for a monthly subscription ($33) or for a full year, payable by the month or the half year. Community Cello Works full-studio members (those signed up for Group class as well as individual lessons) access the class at no extra cost. For more information on signing up for How To Fly Your Cello, please e-mail Lisa through the website contact e-mail.

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