Past chapters in the studio

Spring Semester 2015

Spring semester brings a crop of new cellists, young and old, coming along like flower buds. New inquiries are always welcome; please come observe us in action!

Community Cello Works holds an annual spring celebration and exploration of the cello repertoire. This year, we look forward to CelloFest 2015: Schumann and Friends. For a glorious week in April, we will feast upon cello music in performance, beginning with Steve Doane’s recital at Blacksburg’s Center for the Arts on April 13; his masterclass for CCW at Virginia Tech on April 14; rehearsals with guest artists from near and far all week for the April 18 chamber music concert and the April 19 solos recital. These events are open to the public, as we celebrate the cello music of Clara and Robert Schumann, Felix Mendelssohn, Frederic Chopin, Johannes Brahms, and others.

We also aspire to collect by the end of the semester used music-study materials for the Global Heartstrings project.

A new crop of young cellists has begun, the Cello Starters class of parents working with their children ages 3-6. Come visit the class any Thursday evening to see if it speaks to you!

Another new opportunity through Community Cello Works is an online cello technique and inspiration class, How To Fly Your Cello, based upon Lisa’s upcoming book.  This class is available through the website to be used daily, providing that extra energy boost to daily cello practice that team coaching offers to the athlete.  You do not have to be a member of Community Cello Works studio to subscribe to the class.  Please send an e-mail inquiry to check it out!

CCW cellists have just enjoyed visiting the awesome cello-culture event known as Tennessee Cello Workshop, and many of us our making our plans for exciting summer adventures with the cello as well.  To study with Lisa this summer at a music camp, please visit the websites of:

Blue Ridge Suzuki Camp

Friends Music Camp

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