Fall 2015

Fall Semester 2015

This year three beautiful young artists who have studied in Community Cello Works since young childhood are preparing for college auditions on the cello. What a privilege to see and hear a child become a young adult musician who has the gift of cello playing to share in the world and enrich life! Good luck to you all as you make your choices for the next right step. Wherever the cello may take you, may it bring you joy and the consolation of companionship throughout the ins and outs of life.

CelloFest 2016: Soliloquy will feature music for cello alone, and will also include a chamber music concert that features some of the repertoire cellists most adore to play in a small ensemble. Watch for more information about our concerts and workshops for CelloFest, April 22-24, 2016 at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Blacksburg, Virginia.

We will continue our drive to collect used music-study materials for the Global Heartstrings project.   http://www.rebf.org/ghs.html

Last year’s crop of Cello Starters and their dedicated parents have now begun their ventures with the instrument after a great opportunity to spend our first year becoming acquainted with the role of the parent as home teacher, the parents learning to play Lisa’s beginner cello method The Ants Book themselves, making sweet and artistic styrofoam practice cellos as family projects, and finally the Cello Starters getting their own small wooden cellos and setting forth to learn The Ants Book. Lisa’s informal video about how to play The Ants Book is now up on Youtube on the Community Cello Works channel.

Last year’s pioneering online class, How To Fly Your Cello, based upon Lisa’s well-developed set of technique and musicianship-building warm-ups, has seventeen installments available on this website to studio members. The coming year will see the individual exercises from How To Fly Your Cello, which will be mounted on Youtube for anyone to use.

CCW cellists have just enjoyed visiting the awesome cello-culture event known as Tennessee Cello Workshop, and this February we will return, with CCW’s Blue Ridge Cello Ensemble, to participate in the opening concert of TCW at the University of Tennessee.